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Get Thumped

Get Thumped

What is Thump Boxing and Kickboxing for Fitness?

THUMP Training Systems was developed in 2001 by Christian Marchegiani, a boxing for fitness trainer in New York with the YMCA. On returning to Australia Christian noticed a massive cultural shift in group exercise training.

Instructors were relying on other sources and organisations to constantly supply them with material for their training sessions. Imagination and creativity seemed to be a thing of the past as fitness leaders were left to educate themselves or follow the industry trend in group exercise.
There was no formal accreditation or education process for trainers to gain qualifications to instruct boxing for fitness which led to an increased risk of injury to participants.

As the demand grew for more instructor training and education, THUMP Training Systems developed into a national organisation, with over ten presenters, and three certification courses.
THUMP Boxing is now taught in over 60 gyms/fitness centres across Australia, New Zealand and the UK while THUMP Training Systems is committed to providing the most up to date research and education to all fitness and health professionals.

Reality SDC and Thump Boxing and Kickboxing for Fitness

Since 2007 the Head Coach has been a National Fitness Presenter for Thump Training systems and is now the Senior National Presenter for the company taking him regularly interstate to Perth, Melbourne, Darwin and of course Adelaide. He has been heavily involved in the designing and coaching of the current Level 1 and 2 courses and the Level 3 “Punch” and “Kick” Super courses. The courses are designed to give boxers, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, coaches, enthusiasts and alike  further education and industry recognized certification through Fitness Australia and Kinect, in correct and safe pad holding, structuring safe and effective workouts and correct technique.


Why Boxing and Kickboxing for Fitness?

With boxing and kickboxing trainings immense popularity and proven benefits it’s hardly surprising to learn it is one of the most preferred forms of exercise among Personal Trainers, Fitness instructors and self defence and martial arts school owners.

Weight loss, coordination, balance, muscular endurance, power, speed and cardiovascular fitness are only a fraction of what this training can offer. It is also not limited to people that want to lose weight and get fit but it is now a common form of training for professional and elite athletes wanting to cross train and enhance their performance on the sporting field. Using a variety of skills and techniques, boxing and kickboxing for fitness as a form of exercise can be transferable to a range of sports including soccer, rugby, cricket, swimming, tennis, and dancing. 

A fair bit of research has been done on the advantages of boxing for fitness over other recreational activities and the results speak for themselves.
Here are some of the research and studies conducted over the last 10 years

  • 10 minutes of skipping can equate to 30 minutes of light jogging
  • 3 x 3 minute rounds of boxing on focus pads can expire the same amount of energy as 20 minutes of cycling on a stationary exercise bike
  • 45 minutes of boxing training combined with skipping and bodyweight exercises such as crunches and push ups can equate to 90 minutes of low intensity aerobics
  • 20 minutes of boxing training twice a week can improve a persons balance and co-ordination by up to 70% within 4 weeks
  • Current clients of Reality SDC have been known to burn in excess of 1200 calories in a 45minute session


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