Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have any previous skills or training to attend classes as Reality?


Who can participate in Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Boxing and Kickboxing for fitness and Kettlebell classes?

Anyone can. Upon joining you will be screened and any concerns can be discussed face to face. We promote an inclusive, positive learning environment.

What if I have an injury? Can I train?

Maybe. It will be important that you have GP or a medical practitioner’s clearance to train before you attend sessions. Whilst we believe that you can occasionally train “around” some injuries and that can actually improve performance once you are 100% again, each instance is taken individually on a case by case basis. The body is connected and as such will compensate once injured as it doesn’t distinguish between quantity and quality movement. It has also been our experience that training “around’ or “through” an injury can sideline members for even longer. We will do our best to give you safe alternative activities or exercises to make your training time as effective as possible whilst injured. Your safety is paramount to us.

Is there contact involved in our Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu self defence classes?

Yes. The only way to train to deal with assaults such as strikes, chokes, holds, grabs, going to the ground, dealing with weapons and multiple opponents is to deal with exactly that. A punch is a punch, a kick is a kick, and a choke is a choke and so on. Whilst contact is minimal as a beginner, you will work in with your partner initially so that you are comfortable. This slowly escalates over a period of time so that members become inoculated to the stress of a realistic situation and callous up due to the physicality and nature of the training. This is real self defence training. All precautions including close supervision and the use of protective equipment is used to provide as realistic and as safe a learning environment as possible.

Who can participate in the Muay Thai full contact sparring classes?

We will ask you to join these classes when we feel you are ready to do so. You must have the right attitude and mental capacity to partake in these sessions along with sound basic technique and defensive skills and good level of fitness. This is even if you are an experienced fighter.  We do not throw beginners or loose cannons into full contact sparring.

Do I need to be fit to attend classes? Are classes vigorous?

No. Fitness is specific to the activity you are doing so as such the only way to get fit relative to the activity you are doing is to actually do it. You will be encouraged to work at your pace and then as you continue to train to stretch yourself and push your boundaries a little further.
Yes. There are no magic pills, potions, fads, gadgets or short cuts to getting fit, strong and mobile. There is no substitute for discipline and hard work. If you do not want to be stretched mentally or physically, then don’t attend our classes.




What do I need to wear and bring to classes?

Loose, comfortable training attire including runners, water and a towel is necessary for all sessions. Initially boxing gloves and minimal protective equipment is provided. For Krav Maga classes upon joining Reality, a mouth guard and groin guard are compulsory. For sparring classes on a Saturday morning ounce gloves and shin pads are compulsory and breast and head protection whilst encouraged are optional. For Jiu Jitsu classes a GI, rash vest and mouth guard are compulsory for beginners and ear/head protection and knee/elbow pads whilst encouraged are optional.

Where and when are classes held?

Please click on the timetable tab for session times and our location.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us for detailed membership information and costs.

How are memberships structured?

We have a casual training option for those that are infrequent or irregular in their training which we highly discourage as the benefits are minimal. We also have an ongoing weekly direct debit option for attendance to all sessions with no contract and no minimum time frame.


Why should I join?

Firstly, culture. We have a great bunch of people training alongside us. We relish discipline, challenge and intensity and like to laugh and have fun afterwards. We are a family.

Secondly the Head coach is undoubtedly one of the most experienced and over qualified trainers in South Australia. He is infamously terrible at self promotion and blowing his own trumpet and has been working away quietly behind the scenes in the fitness and self defence industries for many years. Click on the “About Us” and “Coaching Philosophy” tags to learn more about who will be teaching you.


How do I get started?

Contact us via the trial offer link on the website home page, drop us an email or give us a call. The way we induct new members is through the 2 week trial offer. This is a no obligation period of two weeks worth of unlimited classes so you can sample different classes and find out what you enjoy and establish how often you can train so that you can take out the appropriate membership