Personal Training Mentoring - Adelaide, South Australia

With an average career span of just 2 years in South Australia for a personal trainer and with statistics showing that there were 10,000 new personal trainers certified last year in Australia and possibly more, it’s becoming increasingly important for personal trainers to be educated in all facets of the fitness industry-hands on training, administration and data collection through to complete sales and business skills.

There are so many trainers out there that are busy, not because they are technically sound trainers, but because they have great business skills, are good salespeople and are popular.

There are also trainers out there that are setting up there own business’s and PT studios without a plan and wondering why it is not working for them.

In the large commercial gym environments such as Fitness First, Goodlife, Zest and World Gym sometimes getting support from your managers is extremely hard to come by or non existent. Often you are just a commission for the PT manager or another weeks rent for a large gym chain. There are so many young trainers that are being churned and burned and end up leaving the industry being unfairly treated because they simply don’t get the support they were promised and simply don’t have the tools in the tool kit after completing an “accelerated learning” course to attain their Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness.

Don’t become one of those trainers.

Understanding the power of effective communication skills and your personal and business expenses, taxation, budgets, forecasting, breakeven points, price setting, year long sales and marketing plans, statistical data collection, sales technique and scripting are all part of ensuring your business is on the right track.

Would you like to have the competitive advantage over your peers and work colleagues?

We have been leading teams up to 15  personal trainers in commercial gyms with memberships exceeding 3500 members for several years now in support; education, systems and meeting financial KPI’s (key performance indicators) both individually and on a club level with great success. .

If you are a new personal trainer just getting started, a seasoned veteran looking for some new ideas or thinking out side of the square, setting up your own studio or small operation then you need to get in contact with us.

Drawing on our experience working in both large and small commercial and non commercial environments we can guarantee with a little help, we can get you on the right track to having a happy and successful Personal training experience.