Personal Training - Adelaide, South Australia

What is personal training?

Personal training is a vehicle for health and lifestyle enhancement and the expedient achievement of fitness and health goals. Personal training encompasses the following things:

  • Personalized attention- the unwavering support and the one on one relationship developed with a personal trainer is unlike any other health care professional. The ultimate training partner, their sole focus is to help you get to where you want to be.
  • Empathy, understanding and what we like to call “tough love”-people make decisions on how they feel, not necessarily on what they know. Achieving emotional intelligence is integral to anybody meeting their goals and getting what they want and need.
  • Fun and variety- personal trainers write regular ongoing programs and will keep you interested with different and challenging new exercises in our exciting, world class session delivery.
  • Inspiration and Motivation- personal trainers are role models for the industry and their clients. They will challenge you and take your body and mindset to the next level in your training by always bringing the best out in you.
  • Accountability and structure-meeting your personal trainer weekly will ensure you get regular exercise, and along with following a structured program consistently will ensure you reach your full potential.  
  • Results- Stop wasting time with inefficient workouts, gain maximum results with the minimum of effort and time! Work smarter, not harder.
  • Education and safety- we are educated in the latest exercise science, training protocols and methods. So not only will you get to your goals quicker but you will get there without injury, safely.
  • Advice- Advice on equally important factors that will lead to your attainment of your health and fitness goals are your nutrition, mindset and juggling the demands of a busy lifestyle.
  • Monitoring of progress- Monitoring your training sessions and program is paramount to your progress. Seeing progress will motivate and encourage you reach further and higher.

Reality SDC can offer you a total health and fitness solution. What’s more important than that?

Why do Personal Training?                

  • You join the winners! - The widespread use of personal trainers by successful people in all walks of life is the strongest testament to the difference a good fitness trainer will make in your life. The world’s top athletes all have coaches and personal trainers that have helped them achieve the pinnacles of their chosen endeavor.
  • Accelerated weight loss, body fat reduction and body composition changes-Whether you want to gain muscle mass, tone up, lose weight and body fat or just stay in shape Personal training will make it more fun, effective, efficient and safe.
  • Sports specific conditioning and performance enhancement-if you want to run a marathon, play 18 holes on the course better, swing a racquet harder and faster, surf, hit harder and faster or play football better we can devise programs to enhance your performance and hone your skills
  • If you are new to exercise-if you are new to a gym environment, or want to get into physical culture without joining a gym what better way is there to get on the right track at the start of your training by being educated and taught how to do things safely, effective and efficiently? Why go it alone and waste your time, your gym membership and risk injury?
  • And if you want to go it alone-learn how…
  • If you are not new to exercise-If you are stuck in the same routine and rut, or have been fit for a while and are bored, or have hit a plateau in your training and are no longer getting results or enjoyment, personal training will kick start you through your plateau to achieve new heights of achievement and excitement.


Who can benefit and how can I get started with personal training?

You don’t need to be a celebrity, a professional athlete or have a large wallet or purse to do personal training. Personal training delivers results for people of all ages, sizes, special needs and fitness levels. Session length and packages can be tailor suited to your needs, wants and budget. Fill out the online registration form or call now to get started. There is no better time to start than NOW!

We can guarantee we can help to improve anyone's way of life – our experience tells us this time and time again. Our services and programs are designed to get results

Why not take the next step to turning your fitness, your nutrition and your life around. It all starts here.

Reality SDC Guarantee

We walk the walk as well as talk the talk. And that’s extremely rare in the fitness industry.  We're so confident that we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals, we'll happily refund your money if we don't.

This is our promise to you- If you commit and strictly follow our guidance,  nutritional advice, programs and performance criteria 100% of the time and yet you still don’t reach your goals, we'll happily give you back your investment with us.

Reality SDC and Personal Training

The Head Coach has been the facilitator of numerous courses including the Certificate 4 in Sports coaching and the Thump boxing and kickboxing for fitness Level 1, 2 and 3 course (Fitness Australia and Kinect accreditation courses), the business manager and chief instructor for The International Wing Chun Academy and Street Defensive Tactics, the Personal Training manager for Zest Health Clubs and Fitness Director for Goodlife Health clubs. He has been leading and mentoring teams of Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors and Martial Arts instructors for over a decade as well as running his own successful personal training and martial arts business

Small group personal training is currently run Tuesdays and Thursday mornings at Myrtle Bank and one-on-one personal training at all times. Alternatively we can come to you. Strictly by appointment only. Please contact us for a complimentary initial consultation if you are seriously committed to your health and fitness goals and require further information