Group, Corporate and Bootcamp Training

Group, corporate and bootcamp training can be structured and tailor suited to the needs, aims, objectives and financial constraints of any individual or business.

Training can be delivered indoor and outdoor and using a variety of tools and methods from obstacle courses and self defence training, to bodyweight circuits, hill and trail runs, boxing and kickboxing for fitness, kettlebells and clubbells, powerbags and sandbags through to medicine balls and resistance tubing.

Group Training

Group training is a cost effective way of training with other like minded, goal orientated individuals in a small, supervised, safe and personal environment. Group training can be facilitated indoors and outdoors for people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.

Corporate Training

Businesses can the move to being an Employer of Choice in their market by subsidizing or part subsidizing employees to a healthier way of life as part of their remuneration or bonus packages

  • Reduce time and money lost to sick leave
  • Deliver significant health and safety benefits
  • Decrease your work cover claims 
  • Boost morale
  • Increase productivity in your workplace 
  • Help your employees obtain balance in their lives 
  • Develop leadership and team building skills

Although very few figures are available for this country to link obesity with productivity at work, research in the US has estimated that companies spend as much as US$61 ($78) billion on direct health care costs and US$56 ($71) billion in indirect costs due to loss of productivity as a result of obesity.

Bootcamp Trainng

The nature of bootcamp training is not for the faint of heart and is structured to mentally and physically challenge participants. The training is military by origin and hence nature. It is intense and arduous and is very different to group outdoor training sessions Training is offered in various locations around Adelaide and in different modalities and is conducted in all weather conditions. Bootcamps are usually conducted 2-3 times per week, either early morning or late afternoon (or a combination of both) over a 6 to 12 week time frame.

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